NXEW Album Review – Into the Sun

November 11, 2011

By Sarah Henderson

Immediately upon listening to David Myles’ treat of an album Into the Sun I felt like a chilly day in early November wasn’t exactly the proper time of year for such a glorious sound. But to my own delight, I found that with further listening I had developed such a cheery disposition that I had forgotten about the snow on my car that morning, or how chilly my fingers felt trying to program my coffee maker. His voice surely might melt the coldest of hearts.

Myles is definitely going on my list of acts I must see. Coming from a girl who is currently overdosing on the Cramps and Blatz, this is really saying something. What you can expect are warm, summery songs with cute and quirky lyrics. David Myles, bring me a cold drink and a deck chair, thanks.