Oct. 12th, 2009

October 12, 2009

Hi folks,
The record is now underway.  Had a great week here in Halifax.  The whole band came together for four days with Joel Plaskett, who will be producing the record, to work on arrangements and start getting an idea of how things are going to unfold.  It was truly wicked.  That Plaskett character is one talented dude.  We worked away in his Scotland Yard Studio, recorded demos and had a great time.  Things are looking and sounding good.  Now, it’s just a matter of laying it all down when we get back together in November for a couple weeks. I can’t wait. For the last three days, however, I’ve been battling a cold.  Major drag.  Starting to feel better today though.  Thankfully, cause I’m heading to India on Monday for three weeks!!  I’m so excited about it.  A good friend of mine, Anamitra Deb, is getting married and I couldn’t imagine a better reason to go visit a country I’ve always wanted to see. Not sure how much I’ll be updating my website while I’m gone but I’ll try. In any case I’ll take lots of photos that I’ll be sure to share when I get back. Thanks for the visit. I hope you’re all doing well.
Talk to you soon,