Peace Of Mind (feat. Classified)

Here tomorrow, gone today
?What I had slipped away?
It’s gonna be the last time you hear me say
?Here tomorrow, gone today

Cause I’ll find peace of mind
?The day that I stop trying

The day that I stop holding on
?To all the little things that I’ve done wrong?
The day that I stop holding my breath?
When I stop believing that my life is a test

I’ll find peace of mind?
The day that I stop trying?
I’ll find peace of mind?T
he day that I stop trying

Cause I’ve been losing my way
?Been listening too much to what other people say
?If I can’t hear the words that I play
?I’ve got nothing

But I need something though, cause life is cold trying to trek through the slush and snow
With nothing to hold except my soul, everything comes and goes
I finally feel at peace, relieved can breath a sigh of relief 
I wanted approval, but its only me that knows what I’m trying to achieve 
I lighten my load, I loosen the straps, I empty my backpack
The weight is too much, I do what I have to, to get back on track
I was sidetracked from the right path, but its part of the growing process
Trying to beat and compete with the competition but its really a no win process
This is life y’all and theres nothing you can do but ride it out

Thats why I write this out, with every high comes a low
With every mistake comes a growth, With every chord
You gotta take notes, don’t lose your way just follow the road and go

The wheels are turning, keep it moving, grind it out
Yeah thats what its about, the things that you think would matter
After the glass is broke and shattered, don’t mean nothing
Still we make assumptions, thats just how we function