Rendez-vous: Bïa & David Myles

May 11, 2012

Ma belle Marie-Anna

Run Away

Bïa and David Myles accepted this invitation to a Rendez-Vous with great enthusiasm, but deep down inside, they both felt like they were invited on a blind date where they had to create new music and immerse themselves in each other’s music. This could have been challenging, but as soon as they met in CBC Montreal’s studio 12, they immediately felt a connection.

Originally from Brazil, now living in Montreal, Bïa is an accomplished singer-songwriter who also enjoys performing other people’s songs in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or English, following her heart and musical tastes. Originally from Fredericton, now living in Halifax, singer songwriter David Myles has a style of his own, which blends jazz, blues, pop and folk influences into original arrangements and beautiful harmonies. On his latest album, Into the Sun, David Myles explores his long-time love of Brazilian and African music.

They had never met before, but they found out during this session that they both have so much in common. A love of music, joy and laughter, complicit smiles and plain simple fun were all over this Rendez-Vous session. She brought a touch of Brazilian sounds to his music, he brought his charming voice and heartfelt trumpet playing to her songs.

A joyful, sunny and friendly musical experience.

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