Review- “Live at the Carleton”- Grayowl Point

May 30, 2011

Review- “Live at the Carleton”- Grayowl Point

reviewed by Michael

Note to every band or solo artist who has yet to record and release a live album: this is the way to do it right.

David Myles, the man behind last year’s well-received Turn Time Off, played four shows at the Carleton Bar in Halifax. Little did he know, all four shows were recorded and he decided to release his live album based on that.

Myles really does have it all as a musician. He’s got great vocal control and great musicianship and is also extremely humble and witty. Not to mention his kickass backing band of Alan Jeffries (lead guitar and harmonies) and Kyle Cunjak (upright bass and harmonies).

His banter with the audience in between songs is always hilarious to listen to. His first bit of banter is after the opening song “Need A Break.” The song itself is really bluesy and showcases the vocal control that makes Myles such an incredible singer to listen to. But anyways, after the song Myles comments that it’s nice to not have to drive around for new shows since he had four shows in a row in the same place. “We feel like ninjas,” he said.

He goes on to talk about how he wanted to be like Bruce Springsteen, how he’s great Facebook friends with David Suzuki and how he was doubtful that “a tall, skinny guy with glasses” could write a hot and steamy love song (turns out he could, the song “Turn Time Off.”)

Humbleness aside, the chemistry that Myles, Jeffries and Cunjak share on stage is rare. The three harmonize flawlessly on almost all the songs, and the simple combination of just rhythm guitar, lead guitar and upright bass create the perfect folky and bluesy sound that Myles is known for.

This great sound also elicits many cheers from the audience, and perhaps the peak of the audience’s love for Myles is in the album’s second-last song, “When It Comes My Turn.” The audience actually sings the last part along with him.

Other great songs include “Drive Right Through” which is a tribute to basically New Brunswick as a whole (in other words, do not drive right through New Brunswick or you’ll be missing a lot) as well as “Turn Time Off” which, as mentioned earlier, is a very sensual song that Myles never thought he’d be able to write.

Live albums with great atmospheres are always a pleasure to hear and it was even better that Myles knew nothing about the recordings beforehand.