September 23, 2009

September 23, 2009

Hi folks,
I’ve been laying low in the Maritimes for the last little while.  I can’t complain.  It’s a nice time of year.  I spent this past weekend in my hometown of Fredericton checking out the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival.  It was great.  Saw some sweet shows (Jill Barber, Michael Kaeshammer, Los Lobos and, of course Morgan Davis with Geoff Arsenault).  Morgan plays every year during the festival at a small bar in town and it’s always the best thing going.  I haven’t missed it for years and it gets me all fueled up with inspiration for the year to come.  It’s great.  Plus, seeing him rock it with Geoff Arsenault (drummer extraordinaire) is always wicked. Other than that, I’m now getting ready to do a show tonight as part of the Atlantic Film Festival, here in Halifax.  Should be fun.  Playing with my good pals Kyle Cunjak and Alan Jeffries (see videos below). For this week, I thought I’d attach a photo I took from my visit down to the Gaspereau Valley (outside of Wolfville, Nova Scotia).  My brother’s fiance, Gina Haverstock, is the winemaker at Gaspereau vineyards and she took us on a tour of the vines.  Good times. I hope you’re all doing well.
Thanks, as always, for the visit.

PS.  This week’s music picks:1) Amelia Curran – Hunter, Hunter – I’d been looking forward to hearing this record for a while now and it totally lives up to my hopes.  It’s great.  Minimal clutter, sweet tunes.  Beauty.

2) The Very Best of the Everly Brothers – Legendary stuff.  Wicked melodies and even better harmonies.  These tunes will never get old.

3) This American Life – Okay, this isn’t a music pick but I had to put it on here.  It’s a radio show from the States.  It’s broadcast on public radio.  I’ve been downloading the podcasts lately and it’s changing my world.  It’s great stuff and will make any long drive seem like a breeze. If you’ve never heard the show you should check it out.