September 30th, 2009

September 30, 2009

Hi folks,
Great week here in Halifax.  I played a few shows, all of them fun.  Even got to play a set on the tall ship Silva last friday.  On Monday, I headed over to Dartmouth to Joel Plaskett’s studio to lay down some trumpet on Steve Poltz’s new record (which Joel is producing). If you haven’t heard of this guy you should check him out.  His live show is absolutely amazing!  He’s also the dude, strangely enough, that wrote that huge Jewel mega-hit "You Were Meant For Me".  He’s a great guy and tours constantly so keep your eyes open for him visiting a town near you. Next week’s looking like a busy one.  My whole band is congregating in Halifax for the week to do some serious pre-production with Joel (who will be producing the new record!).  Should be wicked.  I’ll keep you posted for sure.  After that, it’s off to India for two and a half weeks!  Then right back to record making the day after I return. Here’s a photo I took of me and Steve the other day post recording session. Thanks for the visit.
Talk to you soon,

This Week’s Picks –

1) Mike O’Neill – I saw him play a new tune of his last week and it was great.  His new project is called the Beginners and from what I have heard so far the record they are in the process of recording is going to be deadly.

2) Nick Lowe – At My Age/Dig My Mood – I’ve been pretty well obsessed with Nick Lowe’s music for the past few months.  His last record "At My Age" is probably my favourite of his.  Great band and outstanding songwriting.  It’s really inspiring to hear a guy who just seems to get better and better as he gets older.  He’s a truly great singer and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. "Dig Your Mood" is also a great record of his.

3) The New Yorker – Again, not a music pick.  Not even close this time but I had to write about it.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I’m a huge fan of the New Yorker. Best magazine I’ve come across. There’s a reason it’s legendary.  This past week’s issue was a particularly good one.