March 15, 2010

“If I called it music for a rainy day, that would be selling it short, although these wistful tunes mimic the feel and sound of rain on the  eaves.  If I said it was the soundtrack for a bold adventure, you’d get the wrong idea, although the lyrical sentiments journal the reflective moments of a rugged journeyer on the highway of life.  If I said the style was familiar but uncharted, I would be shortchanging you with an oxymoron, perhaps cheating you into accepting my words instead of the remarkable music of David Myles.
Raised on jazz, Myles may have been attracted to this simple open roots sound because it reflects the directness and honesty of his lyrics.  There is no artifice here – the music is airy without being artsy, soul-filled without becoming megalomaniacal.  Costumed in the gladrags of roots, jazz, blues and ragtime, the songs capture that familiar feeling of unnameable longing that we so seldom allow ourselves the time to feel.  Music for a rainy day?  Then let it pour.”
     – FFWD Magazine