The Argosy – Review

October 2, 2011

David Myles’s sixth album presents us with songs that feel both new and old at the same time; as though a young man with an old soul was telling us a tale through his music. Into The Sun offers a selection of more upbeat songs such as “Run” and, especially, “Simple Pleasures”, which are then followed by love songs and haunting melodies that exude a more serious feel, with something exotic echoing in the arrangements. The album also includes two instrumental tracks, “The Sea” and “The Bottom” that give off a decidedly jazzy flavour. The music is warm, the vocals smooth and the lyrics show the undeniable talent of this musician. David Myles is an artist with his own style; both refreshing and liberating, it is music that invites you to smile, breathe deeply and relax. The album will be available on October 4.