The Broken Speaker

November 8, 2011

You hear a knock on the front door. Curious to know who it is, you take a peak through the spy hole. Dressed from head to toe in beige stands a classy looking man, hat in hand. Not an intimidating or pretentious classy. Rather the type of class you would hope a man would show around your grandmother. The man at the door is David Myles and he wants to play some songs for you from his latest album Into the Sun.

On the album, Myles politely enters into your private life. Sitting there in the corner providing the soundtrack for dancing and fun with friends, or for those close moments with a lover. Or those moments where staying with a lover seems impossible. Sometimes he isn’t quite noticeable, but he is still their providing comforting background sounds.

The album shows an artist that is continually evolving, fine tuning his singer songwriter role. It may mean throwing in a little cha-cha-cha such as on “Nina” and “Ooh La La” where he reveals the influence of Brazilian music on him the past few years. Or it could be stepping out the singer songwriter comfort zone and bringing in the rapper Classified to produce a version of “Simple Pleasures”. He also pays homage to 70s funk and psychedelic music from Nigeria on the track “The Bottom”. The album has more of a pull factor than his previous albums, bolstered by instrumental tracks or interludes that tap into sounds that are unexpected.

If you see David Myles knocking on your door inviting himself to play tunes for you, take the opportunity to sit down and enjoy. He’s worth the time as he is constantly looking for ways to be innovative while still sounding distinctively like David Myles.