The Cannon – Feature

October 27, 2011

After winning the hearts of Canadians with his album Turn Time Off, Singer/Songwriter David Myles has released another incredible album entitled Into the Sun. David Myles describes Turn Time Off as “more of a night time album,” but his newest album sheds light on a whole new day and a whole new style of music.

While producing songs for his new album, Myles found a common theme emerging. Many of the songs were drawing upon influences south of the equator, complimenting his album title.

Seeking musical inspiration from a wide array of musicians and musical styles, Myles was able to create a very intricate and unique album. For the first time in his career, David produced a list of his influences that is found on the inside of the record. Brazilian icon Jorge Ben had a significant impact on his new album. Myles commented that Jorge Ben “has a spirit that I really love [since he is] musical, reckless, joyful and unrestrained.”

For Myles, this album is described as “a project that is not forced, not going in one direction, but more of an experiment.” In fact, while working on Into the Sun David was unsure if he would even release it. I am sure I speak for many when I say that the music community is relieved that such an intriguing and brilliant album was shared with the world.

With the success of Turn Time Off, David Myles learned a great deal about the art of album production. He describes his evolution between this album and his latest as an increased ability and desire to “take more risks and loosen up.” Myles expresses Into the Sun to be “more uniquely me,” and as a result, he was able to “stretch a bit further on this album.”

One of the notable differences between the two albums is the experimentation of different types of music from around the world. As a result of seeking inspiration from South American and African music, Myles “wanted to create the idea of travel and adventure, of leaving home and seeing the world”. He places great emphasis on expanding listeners’ imagination which is demonstrated in his two instrumental tracks.

The two instrumental tracks on Into the Sun happened quite naturally. Myles has always expressed a deep interest in playing music, especially trumpet, which eventually evolved into a love for singing. Going back to his instrumental roots, David found that “lyrics were just not the way to go” for certain tracks on the album. He expresses the importance of the “song being more of a feeling” and how he didn’t want to take listeners out of the trance by incorporating his own lyrics.

However, many tracks on the new album have thought-provoking lyrics that accompany the instrumental aspects of the song beautifully. Myles describes his style as “writing in a direct way, without lyrics that are wrapped in metaphors and poetics.” He uses Bob Dylan as an example of a great musician that has mastered such use of language, but Myles suggests that “this is not how I write songs, I follow my own, confident style.”

Much love and laughter is felt in the music of David Myles. When asked where he seeks inspiration for such beautiful lyrics, he states that he “writes on things that are important to me. I am optimistic, I like humour and I love romance.”

Canadians across the country have quickly fallen in love with his sense of humour and romantic melodies. Growing up in Fredericton and now living in Halifax, David Myles has aspired to be recognized by his East Coast audience. After winning many awards, including many East Coast Music Association and Nova Scotia Music Awards, Myles expresses the joy that he feels by being recognized by his peers.

After touring in the United States and many Canadian cities, David Myles will be making a stop in Guelph this Friday. In an interview with, Myles expressed great love for the River Run Centre and the Guelph community at large. “It’s a nice room and it lends itself to what I do..[allowing the audience] to engage in the song directly.” This intimate Guelph venue also plays to Myles’ enjoyment of telling stories and cracking jokes. David describes his stop in Guelph as a nice opportunity to play “in a quiet environment where people can get more out of [my music.]” Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to hear the old and new tracks of a great Canadian singer/songwriter.