The Chronicle Herald: David Myles – Multi-tasker keeps making music an adventure

September 27, 2018

David Myles, who performs this weekend with Symphony Nova Scotia, launches his new French-language record Le Grand Depart, performs a benefit concert for Fredericton shooting victims on Oct. 6, has a new radio/online show Myles From Home and is releasing a children’s book based on his song Santa Wouldn’t Buy Me a Banjo. Photo: Mat Dunlap

By Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald

If you’re an artist in the music biz, it’s always good to be busy. Exercising performance muscles helps keep the creative synapses firing, and on the flipside, having new material fuels the desire to get back out there and perform.

At the moment, Maritimes multi-tasker David Myles is working all four leaves of his lucky clover: he’s got a new record, a new book, a new radio show, and a full performance slate that includes two shows with Symphony Nova Scotia — under the baton of Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser — on Friday and Saturday at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium.

Calling from Calgary, shortly before jetting down to California to play the Millpond Festival in the shadow of the Sierra Nevadas, the bespectacled singer-songwriter says his current brand of forward momentum defies the laws of physics, but he and his trusty backing trio are up to the challenge.

“My brain is definitely being tested, in terms of being off in a lot of different directions at one time,” he says from Alberta, shortly before take off. “I’ve had times that were very, very busy where I was playing every night for months.

“In this case I am, I’m playing a lot right now, but there are also all these other things that are going on at the same time. So it’s more about making sure that I’m ahead of the game on a bunch of different things. I’m looking at the next month-and-a-half and thinking, ‘Holy smokes!’ There’s this and that, and they’re all a little different.” READ MORE