The Real Love tour kicks off today!

October 19, 2017

Hi Everyone,

The Real Love tour kicks off today! We start in Paris, ON tonight and make our way all the way to Victoria, BC and back! I can’t wait. I’ve got the band assembled and we’re ready to rock. Gonna be really fun. And we’ve got some amazing specials guests on these shows like Port Cities, Megan Bonnell and Spencer Burton. Plus, in December I’ll be doing some shows with Symphony New Brunswick! Nice way to cap off the year eh? Please see below for all the details on the shows. Let your friends know. Bring em along! Thanks, as always, for the tremendous support.
Before I say bye, I just thought I’d leave you with this. Here’s a little video of us singing the acapella song from the new album. It’s called “Dreaming”. It’s one of my favourites from the record and I love singing it with Al and Kyle. They rule. Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again!
Hope to see you soon

– David Myles