The Unionville Times: On Stage

August 16, 2018

By The Unionville Times

On Saturday at 10:05 p.m., the Martin Guitar Stage at the PFF will be the site of a performance by David Myles.

Myles is a Canadian singer-songwriter who grew up in Fredericton, New Brunswick and currently is a Haligonian (resident of Halifax, Nova Scotia). His music has often been labeled folk jazz.

Myles is a Juno Award-winning independent artist who self-releases his albums – 11 to date with the most recent being “Real Love” in 2017. He has amassed an increasingly large audience because of his active touring schedule and his cross-genre musical collaborations (including a single made with the rapper Classified that became the biggest-selling rap single in the history of Canadian music.

“Real Love,” which was released via Little Tiny Records, is his second full-length U.S. release. Written entirely by Myles and produced by Daniel Ledwell, “Real Love” is a departure from his previous record in that it is fully electric. It features members of his touring trio — Kyle Cunjak on bass and Alan Jeffries on guitar—plus Joshua Van Tassel on drums and additional vocals by Mahalia and Reeny Smith.

Myles’ path to life as an award-winning musician was not a usual one. [READ MORE]

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Myles will also perform at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Northern Lights and 11 a.m. on Sunday at Quirky Folk.