Times & Transcript: Myles is back with Singing For Supper

December 2, 2014

Annual Christmas concert, raising money for food banks, comes to Champlain Place on Friday at noon


This holiday season, New Brunswick native David Myles is hoping to instil some friendly competition between the province’s biggest cities of Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John. For the fifth consecutive year, Myles will undertake his Singing For Supper concerts this week in support of New Brunswick food banks.

He says that last year was the most successful concert series yet, with more than $7,000 and 500 pounds of food donated over the course of the three shows.

“I don’t know if it’s a matter of people feeling more generous or if it’s just a matter of word getting out about the shows, but we really saw a huge jump in terms of what we brought in last year,” Myles said as he awaited boarding a Montreal-bound flight earlier this week. “What started as me more (or) less playing a show to people that weren’t necessarily there to watch me play has really become something I look forward to each year.

“The great thing about these shows is the fact that people come and go as they please. A lot of people will take 45 minutes of their lunch break to get stuff done, catch a couple of songs and take the opportunity to make a donation in support of their local food bank. Everyone wins.”

When pressed for details as to which city tends to be most generous in terms of donations, Myles playfully withholds specifics, diplomatically saying that each city seems to be stepping up its game.

“Truthfully, I just can’t help but play up the inherent competitiveness that already exist between the three cities. Why not turn that into something that the less fortunate can benefit from?”

“Fredericton, being my hometown, has been generous from the very start, but both Saint John and Moncton brought it in a big way last year.”

While previous editions of the Singing For Supper shows have featured a mixture of holiday favourites and original material, Myles has stepped up his own holiday game with the release of it’s Christmas with David Myles. The 13-track collection, released earlier this autumn, includes Christmas standards, such as “I’ll Be home For Christmas” and “White Christmas”, alongside three holiday–inspired originals – “It’s Christmas”, “Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo” and “The Gift.”

by Ken Kelley, Times & Transcript