Toronto Star

May 24, 2011

David Myles’ everyday brilliance
Toronto Star – May 23, 2011
David Myles, a self-described “tall, skinny dude with glasses,” doesn’t think of himself as skilled in the art of seduction. But he’s selling his musical talent way short, as he proves in this live set.

Myles himself is a dab hand at rhythm guitar, but it’s this New Brunswicker’s aw-shucks stage patter and honest, witty lyrics that seal the deal. From the opening “Need a Break,” these boys — including crack backups Alan Jeffries (lead guitar) and Kyle Cunjak (double bass) — use their mastery of old-fashioned blues, bluegrass and roots-pop to pierce the truths of contemporary life.

After all, who doesn’t dream of a few days’ break from work, family and all the other stresses of daily life? “Turn Time Off” and deep-blues “Give You Up” are the finest love songs I’ve heard in ages. There are plenty of smiles to go around this short-and-sweet set, but the wittiest is Myles’ home-province-touting “Don’t Drive Through,” something anyone who has taken the Trans-Canada Highway down the St. John River Valley can relate to.

Myles claims he had no idea sound guy Jonathan Cornwall was recording this talented trio’s four nights of song in Halifax at the Carleton, which makes these flawlessly polished performances on this album all the more noteworthy. Myles and Co. are currently on tour in England, but mark July 10 on your calendar. That’s when they travel to these parts for the Mariposa Festival in Orillia.