TUNE IN: Sheree Fitch on Myles From Home

September 28, 2020


Hi folks,

Very excited to announce that our next guest on Myles From Home (A Not So Late Night Talk Show – On YouTube Live) will be author/poet/teacher Sheree Fitch. You may not know this, but Sheree is like a second mother to me. As a kid, I was at her house constantly. Her son Dustin was my childhood best friend. It’s such an honour to be having Sheree as a guest on the show. She’s one of the most open, giving and compassionate souls I know. And her wisdom is profound. Please join us. October 1st at 9 pm AST. I’ll include all the links below.

See you then,


Tune in on Thursday, October 1st at 8PM EST/9PM AST!