Turn Time Off – Hero Hill

April 7, 2010

On his fourth record, Myles has found the recipe that works best for him. With some excellent production from Polaris short-lister Joel Plaskett, Myles has delivered a rock solid collection of warm, soulful pop songs that warm you with each and every listen. Myles has always been a whip smart song writer; as accessible and his is enjoyable and over the last few years he’s been leaning more on his electric and full band compositions, but Turn Time Off shows him standing front and center with a well earned confidence, trusting a collection of musicians moving perfectly in time behind him.

     –  Herohill.com

From the opening moments of the melancholic Out of Love, Myles owns each and every song. He fuses the tracks with emotion without losing the listener. His thoughts could be yours, and as the warm melodies make you sway in time you get lost in the record. Gentle picks and touching harmonies fit perfectly beside experimental sounds (he drifts into a reggae feel on Run Away and even adds some spacey fuzz and dub to the quizzically titled Peace of Mind), subtle textures and even some Chuck Berry inspired electric chug. It’s easy to hear this record and say that Myles has written his strongest hooks to date, but also challenged himself with bolder sounds and bigger goals.

It’s very fitting Myles decorate his record with a simple picture of him wearing a sharp suit and tie. A cover like that could have been pulled from a stack of vinyl at a yard sale as easily as it could have been uncovered on iTunes or the Web, and it suits Turn Time Off to a tee. The songs and emotions stay with you for much longer than its 36-minute run time; in fact, like a well tailored suit, Turn Time Off will never go out of style. If that doesn’t refresh your love of music, I don’t know what will.