‘When It Comes My Turn’ Music Video Premieres Exclusively on The Boot

October 21, 2015

By By Christina Vinson, The Boot

Nova Scotia-based artist David Myles is premiering his official music video for “When It Comes My Turn” — off his debut U.S. album, So Far — and readers of The Boot are getting to see it first.

For the clip, Myles and his trio threw a surprise party for the residents of a seniors’ home, complete with balloons, streamers, noisemakers and live music. The looks on the older adults’ faces and their excitement in seeing live music is heartwarming and an interesting concept for a music video. And the setting of this video is perfect for this song, which talks about what Myles wants to be like when he gets “old.”

“I?’m getting old, but I?’m not old yet / I?’m already worried that I might forget / How to laugh, how to love / How to live, how to learn,” he sings. “I want to die with a smile when it comes my turn.”

“I was on a really slow bus through Alberta. I was feeling old. Feeling like I was turning the corner into adulthood. Settling into the next stage of life,” Myles tells The Boot of the inspiration for “When It Comes My Turn.” “I was thinking, if I’m gonna be an adult, I want to do it right. I don’t want to go down a path of cynicism and unhappiness. So I wrote myself this little memo, reminding me to stay focused on the important stuff.

“Now I can’t become that old cynical grump I may have one day become!” he adds. “I sing it at shows every night.”

Myles was surprised when the song resonated with his parents’ generation. In his mind, he was expecting 20-somethings to identify with it, but in a surprising twist, he says, “Those who are transitioning into retirement or the later stages of life have really grabbed onto this song, and I’m so happy about that. [It] shows you that the word ‘old’ is such a perfectly relative term. It’s all in how you think of it.”

So Far dropped on Sept. 25 via Little Tiny Records. Fans can view his upcoming show dates here.