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East coast singer stops in Coquitlam for Christmas tour

David Myles didn’t want to make a Christmas album he would come to regret.

By Janis Cleugh, Tri City News

David Myles didn’t want to make a Christmas album he would come to regret.

For years, the Fredericton-raised singer-songwriter had toyed with the idea of producing a holiday recording but eschewed its novelty factor.

Instead, he took his time and crafted a CD worth pulling out every December.

“I love playing it,” he told The Tri-City News last Friday. “I still love playing it. I was worried I was going to make a record that would haunt me, meaning that it was going to come back every year and I would think, ‘Oh no, not these songs again’ but it hasn’t been like that at all.”

Myles clearly loves this time of year and relishes the chance to get on the road to share the tunes from his 2014 work.

Two years ago, Myles and his band of two travelled around Quebec and Ontario to promote It’s Christmas. Last year, they hit the Maritimes.

This week, the trio is on the west coast and will include a stop in Coquitlam on Friday at the Evergreen Cultural Centre before circling back to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for performances to raise money for local food banks.

The 13 tracks on his festive album have an acoustic charm that deliver a punch of energy. He offers up the goods for such classics as The Christmas Song and Let It Snow — the latter of which has a Dixieland feel. There’s also a bluegrass version of Sleigh Ride and he provides thrree originals: It’s Christmas, Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo and The Gift.

A resident of Halifax, Myles has built quite a reputation over the past decade. Not only does his trio tour extensively but, since 2005, he has cut 10 albums — all of which have garnered high praise. [READ MORE]


Tickets to see David Myles: It’s Christmas at the Evergreen Cultural Centre (1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam) are $37/$32/$16 by calling the box office at 604-927-6555 or visiting

xmas-tour-banner16That’s right, Christmas time is approaching once again. When I made my Christmas record, I thought, “I’ve got to be really into this music cause I could be playing these songs and touring this record for years”. That was four years ago. Thankfully, I was totally into making the record and love playing it live. It’s always fun and I totally dig the joy and nostalgia that singing classic (and original!) Christmas songs brings to an audience. So with that being said, we are hitting the road. We’ve got shows in Nova Scotia, Alberta, BC and of course, we’ll be doing our Singing For Supper shows in New Brunswick raising money for local food banks!! All of the show and ticket information can be found on my Tour page. I hope to see you soon. Have a great holiday season!

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